from coping to trusting

Alchemising Challenging Experiences in personal & professional life 

Are you feeling overwhelmed ?
Are you tired of being stuck in old patterns, perpetuating doubt & suffering?

Welcome Young Professional, Creative & Traveler. I am here to guide you on your journey of outgrowing subconscious behaviour whilst developing better understanding of yourself at an honest and intimate level. We need to understand it in order to trust it. We need to trust, in order to build something.

This is a space for those who seek to regulate themselves in challenging phases of life, cultivate trust & create a sovereign life. I'm here to hold a space for your feelings of confusion, loneliness & fear, causing perfectionism, procrastination or distance between your loved ones/goals. I work with clients on a Cognitive & Somatic level. I connect with people globally in English, Slovak and Czech.

Intentions provides us with power and clarity. Be conscious of your intentions.

Hi, my name is Ivica /Ivitza/


I grew up in a small town in East Slovakia. As an empathic & rebellious teenager,  who didn’t feel understood I often expressed myself with anger, and faced the struggle to fit in. I left  Slovakia when I was 19 with very broken English. My first job was working as an Au-pair in the countryside of England…I do understand what cultural shock means, I’ve lived in 3 countries. In the same time it’s been very freeing and an expansive experience. I had a chance to live in very exciting cities such as London UK, Atlantic City and currently I reside in Vancouver, Canada. 

  • have traveled over 20 countries
  • I have a background in modelling and acting
  • I went through broken engagement
  • I have been on my personal growth journey for 7+ years 
  • I am in a conscious relationship now
  • I walked away from New Age practises & found Christ again
  • I advocate for truth, freedom; against vaccines & mandates. 

obtained Trauma Informed Life Coaching Diploma (ICF accredited) at Rhodes Wellness College through experiential learning. Now, I am here to empower you on your journey, as someone who has been on her own.


Ivica is a great coach who I trust with fragile pieces of my heart and soul. She always makes me feel so comfortable by creating a safe space where I can freely share what is on  my heart without ever feeling judged. Together we could unlock the truth and get rid of roots issues I was battling with. She listens, she understands, she is always ready to offer a hand and valuable guidance. Thank you Ivica!

Veronika, Canada

If you would like to know yourself better and take efficient on your flaws, Ivitza is the best coach.She will help you to live your life to the fullest through a better understanding of your past and in the same time how to navigate through your day to day life with better tools. I’ve never experienced such a beautiful coaching experience.Her love of freedom will help you to push beyond your limits.

Antoine, Switzerland

Ivica mi pomaha v strastiach kazdodenneho zivota najst vzdy nieco pozitivne a snazi sa prist na koren vsetkym problemom, ktore s nou zdielam. Pomaha mi v sebe objavovat sebelasku, uci ma vyjadrovat svoje pocity a pomaha mi pozerat sa na veci v zivote z ineho uhla. Vzdy ma rada vypocuje a vdaka svojim skusenostiam vie vzdy poskytnut cennu radu alebo hodnotny nazor. Urcite odporucam kazdemu, kto sa vo svojom zivote chce posunut dalej.

Pavol, Slovakia



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